Icon Painting Retreat

Led by the Revd Christopher Perrins 

Monday 11th May 10.30am - Friday 15th May 4.00pm 

£495 - Includes en-suite accommodation, art materials, all meals and refreshments


During this retreat participants will paint an Icon using traditional techniques of egg tempera on a gessoed board, using the proplasmos technique with gold leaf for the background. The course is for both beginners and those with more experience. 


Christopher says:

"The course will begin at 10:30am on the Monday, and on that first day we will practice mixing the pigments with the egg mixture to form the egg tempera paint, practice brush strokes, transfer the outline of the image to be painted onto the gessoed board, and apply gold leaf to the background.

On the following days we will paint the image using the Proplasmos technique – beginning with the darkest colours and working through lighter layers to the highlights.  On the Friday we will finish the details of the face(s) and the final highlights, finishing with a service to bless completed icons at afternoon teatime.

For those coming for the first time, the icon to be painted is that of the head and shoulders of Christ Pantocrator – an outline drawing will be provided to trace onto the board.

For those who have already painted this icon, the image that will be provided in outline to be traced onto the board is that of The Vladimir Mother of God, or another icon of The Mother of God.

And for those who have already painted an icon of Christ, and of the Blessed Virgin, should bring an icon of their own choice, already drawn in outline and ready to transfer directly onto the boards (board size approx. 12x8 inches).

Those who have been on previous courses and have icons that are ready to be varnished, may bring them to be varnished.

All materials will be provided, including brushes, pigments, eggs, gessoed boards (sanded and ready to be painted), gold leaf etc.

During the course, for those who wish to watch, some DVDs relating to icons will be shown.

There will be some books relating to icons to look at, and members of the course might like to bring books which they have found useful to show to others.

It is important that Icons are painted in an atmosphere of prayer, and to this end, as well as prayers for an iconographer, participants are encouraged to join in with the regular cycle of daily prayer.


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