Pilgrim's Rest: A series of reflections on Biblical journeys

The journey of life with Christ by our side is a wonderful path to take.

As with all journeys, it's important to take a rest and refresh in order to keep going.

We can sometimes be so busy 'doing' for others, in our lives and churches that we forget to pause and just 'be'.

These days offer the chance to take a pit stop from the rush of daily life, to listen to God, and to leave feeling refreshed and renewed ready to continue on the great pilgrimage of life! 


Each day starts with coffee at 9.30am and ends with tea at 3.30pm.

Booking forms available from:  Foxhill@chester.anglican.org

Or call 01928 733777



£23.50 per person- includes lunch and refreshments.


Monday 10th February 

With the Revd Christine Broad  


Monday 9th March 

With the Revd Vicky Barrett 


Monday 11th May 

With Anne de Reybekill and Sarah Batchelor


Monday 8th June 

With the Revd Ruth Mock


Monday 13th July 

With the Revd Josh Carlson


Monday 14th September 

With the Revd Vivien Gisby 


Monday 12th October 

With the Revd Alan Dawson


Monday 9th November 


Monday 14th December 

With the Revd Ruth Ackroyd