Ministry at Work
22nd September 2018
9:30- 16:00
How does our journey of discipleship find expression in the world of work?

Led by Mo Trudel

These days are designed to support people in the workplace to be effective for God and to encourage their spiritual development.

As Autumn sets in and we begin to think about winter we will use Rowan Williams book Being Disciples to review and refresh our faith together.

We are often the only Christians people at work may know, yet for most of us we give our best at work and then more in our church lives. Who is discipling, encouraging and renewing us?

This day will be a mix of studying core truths as set out by Rowan, walking and listening to God in nature and taking away a faith uplift to help "be" the Christian presence at work.

It will be useful for delegates to bring the Rowan Williams book Being Disciples, the essentials of the Christian life.

£27.50 - Includes lunch and refreshments

£50 for both days if booked at the same time.

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