Llysfasi Spirituality Workshop
13th August 2018
13th August 4.00pm - 30th August 10.00am

The workshop is based principally on the dynamics of the Spiritual Exercises of St. Ignatius of Loyola. The first days are dedicated to an experiential journey through the major life themes of the Exercises.

The process includes: 

-times for prayer and personal reflection 

-times of contemplative listening to each other in small groups 

-the art and practice of the gift of discernment 

-a time of accompanying another on a three day retreat with supervision 

-the opportunity to be accompanied on a three day retreat

-sessions during which the team share something of their experience in relation to a contemporary understanding of the Spiritual Exercises as a pattern of our own soul journey and a help in accompanying others 

-the opportunity throughout the workshop to engage with a variety of resources which can expand and deepen our relationship with God: e.g. art, music, movement, poetry, story and dreams, as well as the riches revealed in Scripture.

The workshop may be of interest to you if you are:

-called to accompany others 

-in a time of transition 

-having a sabbatical opportunity 

-seeking leadership with soul
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