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Monday 9th March 202009:30 - 15:30Pilgrim's Rest with Revd Vicky Barrett
The journey of life with Christ by our side is a wonderful path to take. As with all journeys, it's important to take a rest and refresh in order to keep going. We can sometimes be so busy 'doing' for others, in our lives and churches that we forget to pause and just 'be'. These days offer the chance to take a pit stop from the rush of daily life, to listen to God, and to leave feeling refreshed and renewed ready to continue on the great pilgrimage of life! £23.50 - Includes light lunch and refreshments
Tuesday 10th March 2020 The Spiritual Journey of Pilgrimage
A Lent Retreat with Bishop Geoff and Jean Pearson 10th - 12th March 2020 £175 - Includes en-suite accommodation, meals and refreshments. This retreat will look at the biblical roots of pilgrimage through to modern journeys such as the Camino de Santiago in Northern Spain. It will include the Bunyan classic Pilgrim's Progress, and ask if the 21st century Church is the best disguised set of pilgrims the world has ever known?
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