Stop, Look and Listen Days

These mini retreats are a chance to step back from your busyness, and listen to what God is saying to you.

Each day starts with coffee at 9.30am and ends with tea at 3.30pm.

Booking forms available from:

Or call 01928 733777




£22 per person- includes lunch and refreshments.


Thy Kingdom Come – Bringing out the God colours in the world!

14th May - Led by the Revd Lynn Weston

We shall use prayer and reflection to seek God’s discernment as we pray ‘Thy Kingdom Come’. How might God be asking us to bring his colours into the world? What might God be asking of us individually and corporately as we play our part in making change in the world? How can we reach those who don’t yet know Christ, considering that we just might be the answer to our prayers?


Risking Creative Failure

11th June - Led by the Revd Andy Stinson

Failure is something many of us fear and avoid as the wounds from past hurts steel us against taking risks. Yet, the path to creativity, to making new things, often travels through this wilderness. Through reflection, words, music and image, we will explore these ideas together, listening to God’s voice as we seek to answer his invitation to create and shape things for his glory.


9th July 

Led by the Revd John Kirkland


10th September 

Led by the Revd Heather Carty


8th October 

Led by the Revd George Crowder


12th November 

Led by the Revd Andrew Emerson


10th December  

Led by the Revd David Herbert