Esse Scapes


The walls of Foxhill have been brought to life with Esse Scapes - an exhibition of land, sea and sky scapes by Liverpool-based artist, Maggie Hilditch.


Maggie is a painter, craftmaker and art trainer who has been part of the JC2000 Millenium initiative and 'cre8.ed' teams (freelance artists, musicians, actors and dancers) teaching values, citizenship, and religious education through the creative arts. 

For many years, Maggie has facilitated and led creative workshops in various settings, including school, churches, theatres, health facilities and retreat centres. 


Esse: to be, to exist (Latin) 
Scape: a wide view of a place, often one represented in a picture.

"Returning to Scotland - the place of my upbringing - I have reflected on times past, climbing mountains and walking on the beach near my childhood home. In recent years I have also spent time walking and painting in Wales. In 2007 I had the chance to sail off the Brittany coastline where I took in the shape of the coastline, from which i painted a new series of both small studies and larger paintings.

For me such places were and continue to be places of 'escape'. My most recent work captures the mood of these memories, expressed in strong textural colours, capturing how the colours move and change with the seasons, reflecting the mood of the onlooker." Maggie Hilditch 2018


Esse Scapes will be on display at Foxhill until early autumn and is available for visitors to enjoy - and purchase should you wish to! 

For more information about Maggie and her other art works, please click here.

To arrange a visit to view the paintings, please contact Foxhill on 01928 733777

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